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Search Engine Optimization India (SEO India) offers Search engine optimization and ranking services. So that search engines, rank well your sites and bring more traffic to your site. This enables more people to know about the web site and thus your products/services get wider exposure to global market. SEO India involves a series of steps which will make the site Search Engine friendly and rank high in search results.

SEO India provides the services of designing website and its optimization. We design websites that are search engine friendly. SEO India provides the systematic approach to Search Engine Optimization. It is a three step process.

Main SEO Process:

1. Analysis of Website
2. Search Engine optimization
3. Maintenance of top position

1. Analysis of Website

We analysis your website for the parameters discussed below.

      • Keyword density
      • Title
      • Meta Tags
      • Broken Links
      • Browser Compatibility
      • Content
      • Page Ranking
      • Link Popularity

SEO India performs the Site inspection in order to know the current status of the website i.e. to know where you are placed in search engine rankings. We analyze your keywords density and its prominence. It is recommended to put right key words at the start of a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag. We will identify the keywords with which maximum customers are searching your products with search engines.

TITLE of your Web page
Title of web page is one of the important factors that in SEO as search engines read this page and decide how to rank your web. SEO India can provide you the accurate Titles which will provide the exact information of your site to the search engines.

SEO India checks for whether each page has proper Meta Tags or not. We will check whether Meta Keyword tag, Meta description tags are properly written or modifications are necessary in order to move higher in the search engines rankings.

SEO India verifies and check all the broken links on the pages, whether it is an image or a broken link or a wrongly placed link on the site.
SEO India suggest the best methods to correct all the broken links on the site which confuses the spiders. This is one of the important step in SEO India services.

Your site should be browser compatible. If your site has browser display problems, then visitors and potential customers will leave your site and will not look back. SEO India can provide you the errors in browser compatibility status and correct it.

A Website with good content generally rank well among search engines. SEO India reviews your content in order to rank high in search engines. SEO India's dedicated content development team provides the best appropriate content for each keywords without clocking for the services and products you are offering in order to get your site a good position among the SERPs.

SEO India will modify your Web pages use proper linking from good quality High PR sites in order to get your site good PR which is an important factor for getting good ranking in Google. SEO India has a dedicated team for analysis and research for getting good PR for you site.

Link popularity is an important factor in getting good position in SERPs. SEO India can increases your web traffic by increasing the link popularity. SEO India will study the link popularity of your site and decide how to increase your link popularity. One of the best methods to increase Link popularity is to develop as many links to other related websites as possible. SEO India's Link exchange campaign will increase the link popularity. We have a team of professional experts for Link Exchange Campaign.


After inspecting your website on the above parameters, SEO India goes for the optimization process.
After analyzing your website, SEO India work on the following process.

SEO India
performs the HTML code and broken links correction. Search engines read HTML language of your web page. If there are errors on HTML codes then, search engines will not able to read the content of your website. Search engine crawler programs follow HTML standards. They can only index your web site if it is in accordance to the HTML standards.

SEO India checks all the internal links present in the web pages whether they are properly placed and not broken. There should be no dead links, SEO India corrects the links and manage them according the search engine requirement. SEO India perform Link verification on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java appellate.

SEO India will modify your website content so that it is search engine friendly and attracts the right type of buyers. Search Engines generally rank well for good contents using appropriate keywords.

SEO India provides you the optimum keyword density for your web page. Your keywords density should neither be too low nor too high. Perfect keyword density will help to attain top positions in search engine rankings like Google, Yahoo and MSN

SEO India changes in Meta tags and Title tags of your web page. We shall provide you the best Title, Tags, Meta Keywords Tags, Meta Description Tags.

SEO India performs manual submissions to search engines and directories. Search Engine submissions means getting listed with Search Engines. We have professional experts for Search Engine Submissions. Now a days in Google the indexing of the sites can be achieved within 3 - 4 days also.

SEO India provides link development for both Internal Links and External Links. Internal links are used to navigate with in the site. Where as the external links are used to connect one site to another. The links you have with other sites will determine your site's link popularity. SEO India shall provide you the links from web pages having high Page Rank. Link exchange will increase the link popularity and your search engine ranking.

SEO India does periodical checking of search engine listings of your website. We perform regular monitoring of your web pages rankings. After achieving a suitable position we will maintain your position for one year.

SEO India guarantees the top position of your web page and maintains top the position. We have many satisfied clients across the globe. Our major clients are from US, UK, Dubai, Malaysia and of course from India as well.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in New Delhi, India, Guaranteed first page ranking in Google, Yahoo and other main search Engines. With experienced Search Engine Optimization experts for Search Engine Submission and getting Ranks in all main Search Engines. We have well equipped office in India and have clients from US, UK, UAE and other part of the world. We can provide you high quality link exchange also

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